JQ Vay is a singer songwriter with roots deep in the Appalachian music tradition, branches reaching out to embrace the world. His lyrics aim for the heart; contemplative, wistful, and uplifting. His finger style guitar playing rolls on like a winding river. 

Born in the autumn foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Vay grew up on a small sunny farm with deep dark starry nights, forests, a creek, river, a record player, and lots of records. When he wasn't wandering the woods with his dog Gypsy, you'd usually find him sitting on the floor, staring into those spinning black discs mesmerized by voices singing him on journeys through worlds of heartache and joy, love and longing. He soon heard his own voice welling up from within, his own song being born, and so he learned to play guitar and he started singing. 

Though Vay has been quietly writing songs since he was a young child, he has only recently been impassioned to share them with a larger audience. Last year he began recording at Hollow Reed Studio in West Asheville NC. His most current singles are available for purchase on jqvay.bandcamp.com.  He has just returned to his mountain home after wintering and performing in Thailand and is now working to develop his performance schedule for the year. 

Recent Venues: Isis, Asheville; White Horse, Black Mountain; Raga Room, Black Mountain; Summit Coffee, Asheville; Bird's Nest, Thailand; Thapae East, Thailand; Pai Arts and Music Festival, Thailand.